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WeThePeoplePRESS.ca Independent News Exposing The Truth

WeThePeoplePRESS.ca Independent News Exposing The Truth

Independent News Exposing the Truth

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About Us
Seeking The Whole Truth And Nothing But The Truth... so Help Me YAH!

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WeThePeoplePRESS.ca - Independent News Exposing the Truth
We are flesh and blood living souls with the desire to shine light on topics normally hidden.
We strive for truth and accountability.
As children of God, we have a mission to expose both falsehoods and truths because the truth shall set you free.
And we can all be free.
We have the ability and the skills to promote the truth through media.

Our History
Over the last 10 years we have developed the social community websites including our own Gateradio, PeterboroughJams and CanadaJams, where we hosted over a dozen review columnists across Canada, gaining recognition. AWARDS
Our focus then turned from music to social issues, where we produced web sites, posters and videos
Attention all Media:
You are welcome to use any of the information we have on this site.
We welcome you to contact us, send us documents, video, articles, and please call and let us know if you need any help with finding back-up for any claims. With our brothers we will share.
Attention all Media:
Please do not believe anything you read on this site without doing your own independent research.
Put most weight on information supplied by people with proven track records.
Find out if the supplier of the information has any gain, even at an arm's length. Follow the money.
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