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Farmer George Hugh Released on Bail after 5 months and May Sign Any Way He Chooses!
SEP 31 2011

above: the Farmer George Hugh with his buddy Steve on his release


In the Kitchener court on Wednesday Sept 28, Justice Bruce Frazer agreed to let George out of prison as George appeared on audio from the Owen Sound Jail.
George was doing live interviews from the jail immediately after his release with his fellow Truthers.
Mainstream Media reporter Scott Dunn of the Owen Sound Sun Times was on the cell phone, requesting an interview, but George declined, saying he was only agreeable to dealing in Truth, not Fiction for interviews.

Reason for Release
The actual reason(s) given by Justice Bruce for George's release were unclear, as he blamed the lack of a release plan for the delay, when George's son Justin claims we had a very suitable plan months ago. The initial reason for bail denial disappeared when Azelda, on August 19, wrote an affidavit to say she had made plans to move away and it was fine for George to be released on Sept 9 2011, Lawyer Daniel Kayfetz gave dozens of reasons why George should be released. "The Cat is Out of the Bag" http://www.wethepeoplepress.ca/blog/2011/09/13/the-cat-is-out-of-the-bag-in-owen-sound.

At the last live appearance on Sept 13, JP Bruce (after given an abundance of reasons to let George out) said that although he was satisfied that the accused is in fact
"BOTHWELL, GEORGE", he doubted that George would sign in that name, on a recognizance form.
(On his last Recognizance of Nov 2010,
George signed it "George Hugh acting for BOTHWELL, non assumpsit, without prejudice" and Justice Thompson drew a line through it marked CANCELLED)
Replacement RECOGNIZANCE NOV 2010
To that, Lawyer Daniel Kayfetz asked,
“What difference does it make if he signs it Mickey Mouse?"
On Wednesday, Bruce reversed his stance on the Name Game Issue and said George could sign it any way he likes!
(Daniel Kayfetz is a lawyer hired by George's son Justin for advice, he is not George's lawyer as reported elsewhere. Hiring a lawyer to represent you means you enter the jurisdiction of the court, which is one of the things to avoid if you wish to remain in Truth.)

How George signed his Recognizance This Time:
The Natural Person, I am, George Hugh Acting for the legal person, BOTHWELL, AKA George Hugh BOTHWELL a legal fiction.

Bail Terms
George still has many restrictions in his bail.
He is not to go within 500m of wife Azelda, who, with the help of her lawyer Catherine Watson, got sole possession of the historical Bothwell Manor while George was locked up.
(The Bothwell Manor was built by George's great-grandfather in 1886 and George holds the original Land Patent Grant.)
George will be residing at the Keeling Farm a couple of miles away from the Bothwell Manor with his son and surety Justin, and must always be there between 10pm and 5am.
Most prisoners are incarcerated due to breaches.

The trial, which started on July 26 2011, will now resume.
The crown has closed their case and George is now in a much better position to defend himself as he now will have access to his defense documents, a phone and a computer.
He will be able to call to the stand, witnesses who were in the house, in the next room at the time of the incident. (Steve and I).
Neither of us, despite hearing the entire incident, were ever asked for a statement by police.
Stay tuned for the date announcement.

Join Us
Please mark Thursday November 17 on your calendar to come to the Owen Sound Court to bear witness to the Truth.

Break-in, theft and vandalism at the Keeling Farm
On the day of George's release, Steve and I, who had been staying at the Keeling farm and preparing it for George, found that an intruder had visited the house.
There had been water poured on the computer modem, on the fax machine, the copier/scanner/printer, the two phones and the laminator. The surveillance camera was untouched.
Our two pink towels are gone, and every square of toilet paper removed from the upstairs bathroom.
Also missing was a framed document from the wall. It was a copy of Azelda's "George can be released" Affidavit of Aug 19th. Taped to it was the business card of a local Professional Mediator and a flyer called “Is Family Mediation For You?”
(At the time of framing, it was thought this Affidavit was the winner of the
$500 Reward for the Document That Gets George Out of Jail CONTEST.
Justice Bruce Frazer blew that one off though, keeping George behind bars for 5 more weeks.)

OPP Constable Drew Wilder responded to the call and is investigating.


We Are Afraid We Are Being Set-up To Get Shott
AUG 30 2011
the Keeling Farm - owned by Farmer George Hugh with his two sons: Justin & Byron Bothwell
above: the Keeling Farm - owned by Farmer George Hugh with his two sons: Justin & Byron Bothwell

Azelda with Catherine Watson has already labelled us "Freeman of the land", the RCMP have already notified all police that Freeman or similar can use "deadly force", now we discover in another fateful document that Azelda and OPP Constable Lisa McGinnis (Chatsworth Dept.) have alerted police in the area that we may be carrying WEAPONS or have them at the Keeling farm - the farmhouse we rent for us and other Truth supporters.

On Friday August 26, Steve and I delivered an Affidavit to the court saying we are fearful for our safety over these documents:

1. August 3 2011 RCMP Officer Awareness bulletin saying those who know the truth and their rights could use “deadly force”, and can be Freeman on the Land..
2. August 9 2011 Sworn Affidavit by Azelda Bothwell naming 13 people (Steve and me included) as being “Freeman of the land”
Now our concerns have escalated due to another document:
3. August 7 2011 (the day after Azelda Bothwell charged at our campfire with her SUV) Handwritten police notes by Constable Lisa McGinnis taken during a conversation with Azelda Bothwell.
(There are two days of Notes by McGinnis:
Sunday Aug 7 2011 – the day after the campfire, page 1- 5 and
Monday Aug 29 2011 – second day of bail hearing, page 6-9)

Constable Lisa McGinnis is indicating the sending of a “safety email” to other officers saying that we (the people staying at the Keeling farm) are “aggressively involved in movement and that they are unsure of whether there are weapons in the house, or with persons, and to be concerned for officer safety!

It likely went like this:
McGinnis: "Are there weapons on the property? Do any of these people carry weapons?"
Azelda: "I'm not sure"
McGinnis writes in notes "unsure of weapons" and issues an all officers alert, effectively making it OPEN SEASON on everybody on "The List".

We got along quite well.l.
Now it appears she is conspiring with local police who want George's head over the Name Game thing, and the treatment used on George is now being extended to his friends.

We know that Lisa McGinnis has twisted the words of Azelda before.
On April 26th, the night of the alleged incident, the police took a statement from Azelda.
They asked if she thought the accused would continue to assault her or kill her or her children.
What kind of a question is that?
We suspect Azelda was indicating that yes, that she was afraid of being assaulted again.
But somehow the other two options are thrown in with that question.
By answering yes, it makes it look like she thinks George will kill somebody.
Also, there are at least two references on McGinnis's April 26th 'Show Cause Hearing Report'.
that George has "criminal associates called Freemen on the Land" and that George is "very active in Freeman on the Land rhetoric"

So I guess George was already on "The List", and it appears every effort is being made by Azelda and McGinnis to set us all up to be gunned down like Fred Preston of Sundridge may have been.

Please pray for us


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/notes/steve-otf-yahweh/we-are-afraid-we-are-being-set-up-to-get-shot/243848572320225 

ALSO... (Added by Steve)
Azelda Bothwell - Not Credible:

November 2010
Azelda Bothwell stated (as per affirmed affidavit):
 ”When this is all over, I plan on divorcing George”

Affirmed Affidavit:
or http://wethepeoplepress.ca/georgehugh/Affidavits/20110822_AffadavitAezeldaWantsADivorceNovember2010Letter.pdf 

July 2011
Azelda Bothwell stated (sworn as per transcript 2011.07.25 page 118)
 Q. So you didn’t talk to a divorce lawyer prior to April 26th?
 A. “I had no thoughts of divorce. No.”

… and also on page page 158
Azelda Bothwell: ”When this is all over, I plan on divorcing George”


Name Game at Farmer George Hugh's Trial 'Vacate Detention Order' Considered
(Come back Monday - Day 125)

Trial Day 6 - Tuesday, August 23rd 2011
Mark Kielb's Hand and Supporters on PUBLIC Sidewalk at the Owen Sound Court (PUBLIC or PRIVATE?)
and Supporters on PUBLIC Sidewalk at the Owen Sound Court (PUBLIC or PRIVATE?)?)

  • Independent Media Banned from Court Property on Trial Day 6 (Aug 23)
  • Assault
  • Trespass Notices
  • Inside the Courtroom, Justice Frazer Ponders Release Documents
  • George and the Dual Identity - "The Name Game" and The PERSON
  • Owen Sound Sun Times
  • Meanwhile, back at the Ombudsman's Office
  • Join Us

1. Independent Media Banned from Court Property on Trial Day 6 (Aug 23)
On Tuesday August 23, 2011, once again the Public Works Protection Act was in place.
Today there was full intimidation, starting in the Parking Lot of the Owen Sound Court.
The Security Employees wore full gear with tazers and guns, both uniformed and plain clothes Owen Sound Police, OPP uniforms, and additional paramilitary security clothes. (some looked like military duds).
According to Scott Dunn of the Owen Sound Sun Times, (Owen Sound Officer Mark) Kielb said the "police" have not received any threat.
But he said "police" are attending because of "intimidation of staff and witnesses and it makes everybody safe."
As in "G20-style-if you-carry-a-camera-you're-in-the-paddywagon" type "safe"?

2. Assault
As we arrived, we saw at least 13 Security Employees swarming the parking lot.
Supporters and Independent News Media (WethePeoplePress.ca and Grasshopper Media) arrived in the parking lot holding cameras and were:
• assaulted by men who were dressed up like police and men-in-suits who said they were police
• man handled and shoved onto the sidewalk
• (and later on given trespass notices)
Is this court not our property, and these people are our hired help?

Mark Kielb's Hand on Steve with Many The Security Employees with Tazers and Guns
above: Mark Kielb's Hand on Steve with Many The Security Employees with Tazers and Guns

Some men in suits (who looked to me like insurance salesmen with guns) had a fistful of Trespass Notices, and they were delivering them to those who came to witness George's trial. They had no business cards, no identification, not even a number. "Mark and Mike" they said were there given names. They didn't give their last name...are they Freemen on the Land?
Are Mark and Mike really policemen? Are they under an oath? Are they working for the people or are they working for some private organization?
Do you suppose this was an attempt to keep witnesses and demonstrators away?

3. Trespass Notices
Later on in the afternoon, Mark Kielb of the Owen Sound Police was handing out Trespass Notices to anyone who would take one. (Jane and Max accepted the gift - with conditions).
"You will be arrested if you come back on this property, do you understand?"
Legalese Alert!!
Understand? He actually means "do you stand under" (stand under our authority)

See video by Grasshopper Media “Terrible Service In Owen Sound:

4. Inside the Courtroom, Justice Frazer Ponders Release Documents
On Tuesday, Justice Frazer wore two hats.
He was to hear George-Trial Day 6.
JP Frazer consistently said "This court on PUBLIC record".
He also had to look at a thorough an application to vacate the current detention order.
Judge Frazer was reported as having a very red face.
George's documentation of reasons why he should be released is extensive.

5. George and the Dual Identity - "The Name Game" and The PERSON
George wants at least a recognizance order to get out.
The Crown, Shatto, told George that he was afraid George would sign it "under threat and duress" like he did before in 2010 under Judge Thompson.
George said, "Well, do you want me to Lie?" I'm not like you guys", he replied.
You see, George knows he is not BOTHWELL, GEORGE any more than I am ATKIN, WENDA.
There is a difference between your living flesh and blood body and your PERSON.
But don't take my word for it, here is the legal definition of "person".
In general usage, a human being; by statute, however, the term can include firms, labor organizations, partnerships, associations, corporations, legal representatives, trustees, trustees in Bankruptcy, or receivers.
A corporation is a "person" for purposes of the constitutional guarantees of equal protection of laws and Due Process of Law.

This is part of the language known as Legalese.

6. Owen Sound Sun Times
Please read Scott Dunn's article in the Owen Sound Sun Times posted August 23 2011, about this case.
Scott calls him "George Bothwell".
Why does Scott call him that, when George himself says his name is George Hugh?
The name BOTHWELL, GEORGE is George's trust's name.
(Why is this so hard to figure out?)
A journalist in Peterborough told me in March that it was impossible to put a last name in all upper case in their newspaper.
Fishy, eh? There is a reason for that!
"The $300 payment to the first person (not to be confused with your corporate person) to get a recording in the courtroom during Bothwell's - (once again, not his name) trial" is pretty much true once you weed through the English/Legalese issues:
Source: http://www.wethepeoplepress.ca/blog/2011/07/24/187
At the bottom..."Bothwell has said he doesn't recognize the authority of the court".
Again, it's George Hugh, not Bothwell, and that is correct to my own interpretation, but we have to recognise that George Hugh has a perfect record for showing up for court dates and adhering to all court orders.

Source: http://www.owensoundsuntimes.com/ArticleDisplay.aspx?e=3270002 
"Cops give Bothwell backers trespass notices"
  By Scott Dunn
  Posted Aug 24 2011
Police issued two trespass notices and a third is pending against supporters of George Bothwell for incidents that happened before Bothwell's assault trial resumed Tuesday.
Owen Sound Police Det.-Sgt. Mark Kielb said the notices forbid the people subject to them from being on the courthouse property for one year.
Kielb said police issued the notices because of "some videotaping" inside the courthouse on past occasions. Some videos have been posted online.
Also, there was "some disruption of the peace" by people using a megaphone outside after they were warned not to and "some unacceptable behaviour at the courthouse."
Kielb said youth court was held Tuesday, so lots of young people facing charges were in and around the building. Some people outside complained they didn't want to be recorded, he said. It's illegal to identify youths charged with crimes. Police wanted to ensure none were recorded, Kielb said.
Kielb also noted there had been a Facebook posting that advertised a $300 payment to the first person to get a recording in the courtroom during Bothwell's trial.
Police presence has been heavy during the trial, which was in its fifth day Tuesday. All courthouse visitors are checked at the entrance for metallic objects and again on their way into the courtroom.
During a break Tuesday morning, six police officers from the city and OPP were standing just inside the courthouse foyer by the entrance. Some had been seated in the courtroom during the trial.
Kielb said the police have not received any threat. But he said police are attending because of "intimidation of staff and witnesses and it makes everybody safe."
For example, he said, there have been instances of people with cameras following other people around and recording them.
Bothwell, 64, faces a charge of assault with a weapon. He is alleged to have assaulted his wife, Azelda, by striking her face with her paperback book April 26 at their farmhouse just east of Owen Sound.
He has been in custody since police arrested him that night. Protesters outside the courthouse and online have called for his release.
Tuesday he sought to be released on bail and asked for an adjournment to hire a lawyer of his choice to prepare to resume the trial. The case was adjourned until the afternoon for the judge to read material supporting the applications, then the basis for the request was summarized by lawyer Clayton Conlan, the friend of the court who is helping Bothwell by court order.
Bothwell is arguing his detention is no longer required and that Ontario Court Justice Bruce Frazer has more complete information as trial judge than the bail court did in detaining him.
Given that Bothwell has been in jail nearly four months, Conlan asked if he should remain there, given the nature of the offence and likely penalty if he is convicted.
Bothwell alleges the jail hasn't given him adequate access to his materials or those helping him to prepare for court. He argues he needs to get out to meet with his advisers and a lawyer he intends to hire. He also has personal issues to address, including ones dealing with his health, his farm and ongoing family court proceedings.
Assistant Crown attorney Andrew Shatto opposed Bothwell's judicial interim release, citing several factors, including his criminal record, which included convictions for assault in the mid-1980s. Shatto presented a letter from the jail superintendent Angie Rankin disputing Bothwell's claims that jail staff restricted access to his materials. Shatto argued Bothwell minimizes the alleged assault and noted his wife was concerned enough to call 911. Bothwell knows his wife's current address, Shatto noted, and Bothwell continues not to recognize the court's jurisdiction and will do what he wants.
The hearing resumes Monday and is to continue Sept. 1 at 2 p.m.
So far Bothwell has chosen to act for himself, with the help of non-lawyers he chose and court-ordered defence counsel.
Bothwell has said he doesn't recognize the authority of the court and he has refused to respond by his surname, calling it a "legal fiction." Bothwell has said he doesn't recognize the authority of the court

7. Meanwhile, back at the Ombudsman's Office::
Press Releases / 2011

"Ombudsman to investigate handling of excessive force in Ontario jails
Date: 2011-08-16

TORONTO (August 16, 2011) – Ontario Ombudsman André Marin today announced a systemic investigation into how the province deals with the use of excessive force against inmates by Ontao jail guards, sparked by numerous complaints that such incidents are being covered up or ignored.

The investigation will look at the Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services’ response to inmate complaints, including how it conducts investigations and enforces policies on the use of force.

“We had more than 100 complaints in the last year from inmates who say correctional officers assaulted them, and more than 25 since this April alone,” said Mr. Marin, who earlier raised concerns about this issue in his Annual Report, released in June. “Even more disturbing are the allegations that violence has been covered up – and that they come from several different institutions. There is a concern that a ‘code of silence’ has taken hold among some guards.”

The investigation will be conducted by the Special Ombudsman Response Team. Anyone who has relevant information that could be useful to the investigation is asked to call 1-800-263-1830 during office hours or submit a complaint form at www.ombudsman.on.ca ."

8. Join Us
Monday August 29, 2011 at 9:30 am in the Owen Sound Court
for George's next Appearance - Trial Day 7
George is expecting to be released!

facebook: https://www.facebook.com/note.php?created&&note_id=242884609083288

Update on farmer George from Aug 24th 2011:


Farmer George Hugh’s Surreal Video Appearancee
• Farmer George Hugh Video Appearance without Consent
• Azelda Files Motion to Transfer Asset Ownership
• OPP Think We Are a Cult
• And ye shall know the truth,
Farmer George Hugh’s Surreal Video Appearance - BOTHWELL CREEK & Hwy 26 Owen Sound…Is it the Water?

Above: BOTHWELL CREEK & Hwy 26 Owen Sound…Is it the Water?

Video Court
Today, George appeared on video in Owen Sound court at 10am.
He did not give his consent to this.
He was there for the sole purpose of setting the next date for the continuation of his trial.
It will be Trial Day 6.
We saw what appeared to be the back of George’s head on the screen as we heard a raspy voice that sounded like his, state quite firmly that he did not consent to being on video, and he was concerned about the fraud that was occurring there.
He was very vocal as the JP (who was in a foot cast) ignored him. It was surreal.
The JP went ahead and scheduled his next trial date (Trial Day 6) for Tuesday August 23rd.

Supporters came in from Ottawa, Hamilton, Dundas, Peterborough, Wiarton and even BC.
John Gorman from BC (who co-founded the Canadian Farmer’s Survival Association in the 1980s) is a former lawyer and wants George to be set free.
He wore a T-shirt saying “3.5 months without conviction”, “Free George Hugh”! and a ball cap “The Spirit of Canada”.
He handed out flyers to every parliament member in Owen Sound and worked the street in the morning.
Max from Grasshopper Media made it out.
Scott Dunn from the Owen Sound Sun Times covered it for his front-page series.
(I wonder if he’ll ever put in a plug for WeThePeoplePress.ca or GrasshopperMedia).

Divorce Papers and Ownership Transfer
Meanwhile, we get wind from George that Azelda’s lawyer, Katherine Watson, was in the jail this afternoon serving George some papers - papers that give Azelda (who George refers to as “my lovely wife of 39 years and 8 children”) full control over all his and her assets.

On To Something Big
Today, and over the last few weeks, we have had concerns.
Our friends and family members have been questioned by the OPP asking about us.
We and our friends have been followed by unmarked police, and called by GOV-ONT.
Here’s an example form the GOV-ONT call:
Male Voice “I have an information on you, What is your LAST name?”
Our friend “Well what is YOUR last name?”
Male Voice “I am not required to give you my last name”
Our friend “Well then how can you expect me to give you my last name if you won’t give me yours?”
Male Voice “This is a very dangerous path you are on, it will catch up to you” - Click.

We have heard stories that the police believe we are in some kind of a cult and that we are setting up a training camp in Manitoulin Island, and that George is the leader.
(I kinda think the Manitoulin Island thing came from me when I asked a whole lot of people if they wanted to go live up there when we heard that it is a protected area – protected from the chemtrails).
They also recently labelled freeman as a criminal organization.
(They have George falsely tagged as that.)
How they can deem that criminal is beyond me, but it made me think…
Did they do that in order to be able to invoke the Public Works Protection Act?
Because the Public Works Protection Act enables the courts to beef up security and search bodies and purses?
So they can stop the audio recorders from getting in? (box cutters are OK – it ‘s the recorders that get their knickers in a knot.)
Because nobody wants witnesses?
What is so important about George’s case that the court is going to such exhaustive measures to ensure NOBODY gets it on tape?

George must be on to something really big.
What could it be?
The “NAME” – the Difference Between The Man and The Corporation (PERSON)?
The Land Patent Grant Expose?
The Alleged Perjury Video with Lisa McGinnis?
The Expansion of the bordering Owen Sound Business Section?
DeFacto vs. DeJure?
If you all of a sudden see us stop writing on Facebook and on WeThePeoplePress.ca, please start looking for us.
You can start with the OPP Chatsworth Detachment and the Owen Sound Police.
If they tell you they don’t know where we are, they might be not telling the truth.

This is pretty creepy.
Do you think we should be concerned for our safety?
And what do we do if we are concerned for our safety, who do we call…the Police?

We were thinking about this the other day when we were frightened by a vehicle driving straight at us at a campfire.
If we were to make a complaint about an assault, who would we call? 9-11? Victim Services??
Do you think we could get them to help us considering they are already working together on a project against George?
(see the billboard that reads “Police and Victim Services Incorporated Working TOGETHER for You”.)

Join Us
Tuesday August 23rd for Trial Day 6
And possibly Thursday August 25th when he is eligible for another bail review.
(You get those every 30 days)

and the truth shall make you free


Farmer George Hugh's wife Azelda Bothwell came charging up in her 4x4 on Saturday night
Sunday, August-07-11

Above: Azelda Bothwell’s car used in the incident

On at approximately 9:15 pm August 6, at one of Farmer George Hugh’s farmhouses, George’s supporters were sitting at a campfire..

They sat on lawn chairs just outside the house, enjoying the night air after a BBQ.

There were three sitting at the fire when they saw headlights coming quickly up the quarter-mile long driveway.

A vehicle travelling at a speed too fast for the conditions of the driveway came directly at those seated around the fire.

It blinded the guests with headlights, left the gravel portion of the driveway, ran over the grass and skidded to an abrupt stop within 5-6 feet of the guest’s lawn chairs where they were seated. Long skid marks, measured afterward at over 30’ were visible the next morning.

The door of the 4×4 opened and Azelda Bothwell got out. She was alone in the vehicle. She said she wanted to check up on “George’s blood-sucking friends”.

They said to her that her behaviour was offensive and suggested she leave.

She got back in and drove off..

Steve video-recorded her departure


A recorded testimony was taken from witnesses.

Photos were taken of the tire tracks and skid marks.

See you on Farmer George Hugh’s Trial. Next trial date: Tuesday August 07, 2011

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/note.php?created&&note_id=232959763409106

BLOG: http://www.wethepeoplepress.ca/blog/2011/08/07/farmer-george-hugh%e2%80%99s-wife-azelda-bothwell-came-charging-up-in-her-4x4-on-saturday-night-at-about-915-pm-terrifying-george%e2%80%99s-supporters//


Dual Entities Exposed in Owen Sound and UK Courts
Thursday, August-04-11
Dual Entities Exposed In Owen Sound and UK Courts - John Gorman -aka Capatian Canada with George Hugh 1985 Toronto - Young and Bay
Above: John Gorman (upper left), George (upper right), and their early day Tractor-down-Yonge Street days

This shows how the UK court and the Owen Sound court are having to admit the truth.
There is a difference between the flesh and blood man and his corresponding corporate entity.
Evidence of Dual Entities in UK Court:

“The Cat is Out of the Bag”
This is the title of a news article from February 2011, where a UK court officially recognised the difference between the flesh and blood man and the corporate entity attached to him:
Source - Roger Hayes in the UK Column:
This is happening right here, right now in Owen Sound Ontario with Farmer George Hugh. And here is the evidence:

Evidence of Dual Entities in Owen Sound Court:

This transcript of June 2009 shows that:

  • George was once released by the same Crown Attorney, Michael Martin, on his personal word as a man that he will
    • attend court as required and
    • that he would sign “under duress”
  • The judge got moving when talk about “private” was mentioned, and quickly got a release ordered in the backroom, saying that he may have already said too much.

Source - Owen Sound Court Transcript of June 26 2009:

On the first few pages, George talks about knowing who he is, as he did not when he was calling himself BOTHWELL. George talked about the fiction, something that is false but assumed to be true, and how it is the court’s job to maintain the deceit that it is true.
It is their job to maintain the fantasy. (and if it is not maintained and the courts get exposed, who will pay for the Paris vacation and the Beamers?)
He talked about being one “I Am” of “The Great I Am” on the first page.
There was talk about George not accepting duty counsel. (Accepting duty counsel, an agent, a lawyer, an amicus – which is not to be confused with an ‘amicus to the court’ - would put him in their jurisdiction.)

TRANSCRIPT Pages 6 through 8:

Michael Martin:
The thing is I’m very familiar with the political ideology that – or set of beliefs, which I believe that Mr. – that the gentleman professes.

(NOTE: Quick change from “Mr.” to “gentleman”. Is the title “Mr.” not applicable at this point? Pay attention to the TITLES that are used and the nouns used as their meanings are different and important).

I’ve dealt with a number of other individuals from our community who share those and I was able to fashion releases for some of those other people that didn’t violate their own political beliefs.
It’s a shame that he won’t listen to Mr. Deakin, (duty counsel) because it would be nice if we could hold this matter down and I could speak with Mr. Deakin, because quite frankly, sir, I don’t want to speak with you directly except in open court. No offense, but you know.…

(NOTE: George and crown discuss “Private side” deal and the judge quickly gets it out of the court room).

We could speak on the private side.

Michael Martin:
…where we would be able to work on some form of release for him on your promise as a free man that you would live up to your word.

The Court:
Well, Mr. Bothwell, I don’t want to hear that. What I’m going to do, I’m going to have you removed from the court here and I’m going to take a break here. We have some other matters to deal with. I’m going to take a break and if Mr. Deakin and Mr. Martin and you can work out something that the Crown is content with and it’s legal, then I can tell you I’ll go along with it and we’ll get you released. But I’ve already got into this more than a lot of people would think I should have, so I don’t want to hear anything more on it right now.

….Court breaks for other matters…

Michael Martin:
Your Worship, the gentleman is now back, the person formerly known as George Hugh Bothwell is before the court and my understanding is that we have agreed upon a form of release. I’d be happy to have the gentleman released on a recognizance, on his own recognizance in the amount of $250, no deposit…”

(NOTE: George and crown have made a deal to get George RELEASED on his word as a man).

Michael Martin:
Ok, $200, that’s what I’d like to do. And just with a condition that he attend court as required. And I understand that in addition to signing this form under duress that he gives his personal word as a man that he will attend.

As Geordie of the family Bothwell. You have my word.

George sits in Owen Sound jail as supporters come in from places as far away as British Columbia, Hamilton, Dundas, Toronto, Peterborough, Ottawa and Tillsonburg.

Join Us
For Day 4 of George’s trial Friday August 5th at 9:30 am for handouts, signs and T shirts.
John Gorman blast from the past is here now. (see photo at top)
We are all here to document the whole operation.

Google Map
The Owen Sound “Superior Court of Justice”


George Hugh Demands PUBLIC Record of Events Despite Efforts by Judge to Kybosh

Saturday, July 28, 2011 July 28th 2011 - Trial Day 3 George Hugh at the Owen Sound Court

Above: George Hugh being delivered to the Owen Sound Jail with old time high school friend Don

July 28th was Day 3 of Farmer George Hugh’s Trial.
The only one who spoke was George, and he got in some great statements!
The numbers of supporters is still strong, with more signs and increasing number of honks from cars passing by, as the people of Owen Sound read the morning newspaper. George has made the front page on Tues, Wed and Friday and word of this case is spreading through this small town amongst those who have known George and his family for their last hundred years.

Public Record
George told the court that this case was to be put on public record.
The judge said “Oh, it’s on record”, omitting the word “public”.
George caught him and told him No, that it needs to be on PUBLIC record, so the court could pay for the transcripts as the costs of this court case are rapidly mounting.

About Transcripts
Transcripts can cost hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars.
The court uses private companies to do the transcribing, and George has had to wait almost two months for some of his (notably May 5th transcripts, - the day I was on the stand talking about de facto, de jure, the SURNAME, the corporation of Canada as is traded on the TSE.)
By the way, here’s an article by Benjamim Doolittle Brantford about the corporation and de facto:
“This is Canada’s Corporate registered number. 0000230098 CANADA DC SIC: 8880 American Depositary Receipt. Business Address Canadian Embassy 1746 Massachusetts Ave., NW, Washington, DC 20036. CANADA goes by CROWN LAW which is the LAW of the CROWN OF ENGLAND.”
Source: http://benjamindoolittle.com/blog/the-corporation-nation
The transcribers work together in the same office, someone said.
Is that true?
Do private workers share lunch with court employees and police?

Denied Access to Communication and Information
George talked about being denied access to his glasses, his bible, his notes, his disclosure, his meetings with his co-counsels: Joshua Cohen and Jane Scharf (MJS Legal Services).
His co-counsel, Joshua was barred from the jail the day prior to Trial Day 3 (July 27th, 2011), so George could not share the case.
Jane Scharf tried to visit on July 28th at 2pm, but the jail told her that George denied the visit. Meanwhile, George has been asking for her.
Seems there is some confusion going on in the Owen Sound Jail.

George suggests to judge that he charge him with Contempt
George started talking about an older man who lives on Hwy 6 in Howenval, Ontario. His name is Martin Henchtel, age 76, with prostate cancer and is in prison. His wife has dementia and is on medication. Their youngest daughter has falsely claimed that he hit her, yet there were no injuries. He said that Mary Hewitt (the lawyer who took George’s place in questioning Azelda) is representing Mr. Henchtel.
The judge started to interrupt, trying to take over the conversation, but George kept on, talking over the judge. George kept going and going, quoting appropriate scripture and challenging the judge to charge him with contempt, as that way he said he could get a chance to explain himself.

George Quoted Scripture
Matthew 10:16-22
Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves: be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves. But beware of men: for they will deliver you up to the councils, and they will scourge you in their synagogues; And ye shall be brought before governors and kings for my sake, for a testimony against them and the Gentiles. But when they deliver you up, take no thought how or what ye shall speak: for it shall be given you in that same hour what ye shall speak. For it is not ye that speak, but the Spirit of your Father which speaketh in you. And the brother shall deliver up the brother to death, and the father the child: and the children shall rise up against their parents, and cause them to be put to death. And ye shall be hated of all men for my name's sake: but he that endureth to the end shall be saved
Matthew 10:26-28
Fear them not therefore: for there is nothing covered, that shall not be revealed; and hid, that shall not be known. What I tell you in darkness, that speak ye in light: and what ye hear in the ear, that preach ye upon the housetops. And fear not them which kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul: but rather fear him which is able to destroy both soul and body in hell
George was stern (not angry) and firm with his words and was able to continue despite the judge’s attempts to interrupt. He had asked to speak and should NOT be interrupted by anybody!

Recess! … Recess! … Recess!
Things were burning right along here and suddenly the judge did something very odd…
The judge called a recess.
It lasted for a half a minute.
Then he started it up again…then stopped in half a minute…and repeated this a couple of times with the other recesses longer wherein Joshua met with George in the cellblock area.
Maybe the judge was trying to change courts.
(Read about this in Mary Croft’s website - COURT: Who’s Who and What to Say, plus a few more on the court topic.)
Source: http://spiritualeconomicsnow.net/?p=164
We think that each time a new court comes in (after a recess) George has to re-establish that it is for the PUBLIC record.
Somebody has told us that they change sash colours when they do this. That wouldn’t translate at all on a written transcript, nor on audio. Hmmmm.
Anybody want to let us know if that’s true?

Witness Tampering - “Nine-Eleven Demolition Team” - Fears for Safety
George talked about the allegations of witness tampering to the point where the RCMP was called in.
He claimed the witnesses were being coached and guided by the “Nine-Eleven Demolition Team”.
Mark that catch phrase “Nine-Eleven Demolition Team”…use it and watch people try to correct you and tell you to pronounce it “Nine-One-One”, despite the parallels.
George said he loved his wife and suggested that she was abused by and under the mind control of the Nine-Eleven Demolition Team and said “I fear for my safety with this whole enforcement apparatus”.
He said the system is out of control and told Crown Attorney Michael Martin – “You Know It”.

Corruption in the Court
George complained about corruption in this court house, insisting again that it be on the public record.
The judge asked George if he was aware that he was delaying his own trial, and George didn’t seem to be too concerned about that, he wanted to get some truth on the public record.
He said that the court lied when asked if they had his son’s testimony, and that he has proof, and that the problem is that “neither of you are under oath” speaking directly to Justice Frazer and Crown Attorney Shatto.

George asked his Honour to consider his conditional release for the balance of the trial, that he is sure will result in a dismissal or a mistrial, and that the reason he is being kept in custody is because of corruption in the court.

Meanwhile, George called our attention to a parallel in King James Bible Judges 13:16, the story of Sampson and Delilah.
It starts here: http://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Judges%2013&version=KJV 

Just In
Resulting from a complaint by George’s supporters to the Ombudsman, George was transferred out of the Owen Sound jail Friday morning. At first, it appeared to be a better place for him, considering the tension between jail police and him (in that 4x4 hole). However, he is now in Stratford, in isolation, in what he describes as a 3’ x 8’ cell with a steel bed – no mattress, and has been denied his paperwork and documents. He was strip searched twice and was threatened with being left there in the nude, he said.
He said he fears for his life in their hands as he shines light in places previously shrouded in darkness
He says we are witnessing the ‘Lucifer Effect’ in full force.
Lucifer Effect: Understanding How Good People Turn Evil.

To be discussed in the next issue is concerning case law (or jurisprudence) and when hearsay, according to the de facto legal system, can and/or cannot be admitted as evidence on the public record.

Join Us
See you at 10am on Thursday August 4th in Courtroom 101 at the Owen Sound Court of Justice for Trial Day 4.
Please bring audio recorders, and video and still cameras along for shooting and interviewing outside the building.

Google Map
The Owen Sound “Superior Court of Justice”


Farmer George Hugh Wants His Court Appearance Recorded - Will Pay $300! Monday July 15 2011 Owen Sound, ON

Monday, July 11, 2011
Farmer George Hugh spending quality time with his grandson
Above: Farmer George Hugh spending quality time with his grandson.

$300 for Good Quality Audio Recording of Monday's Appearance.
Calling all recorders! George will pay $300 for a recording of his case on Monday
in Owen Sound Court on George's first day of trial July 25 2011.

Farmer George Hugh remains in jail since April 26th (three months and counting) and has been trying to defend himself, without notes, phone, computer, verbal communication etc.
Transcripts are paramount in preparing a defence, and, although he has been ordering them without delay, he has had to wait almost two months to receive them.
It would be nice to get the recording, by either the court or by his media team, right away.
But for some reason, the court has consistently denied his right to record his own hearing, contrary to Section 136 (2) and (3) of the Ontario Courts of Justice Act.

Your Right to Record
It is your right in Ontario to record your own court hearing.
Yet the police, manned with metal wands and purse examination tables, shake down those he has hired to record, in two subsequent locations prior to entering the court room.
Not even the media can get recorders in, which is a violation of our rights too, as the Act clearly states, or anyone who simply wishes to supplement their own handwritten notes.
It appears that the recorder, or anything that may act as a witness, is the main concern, because the police have so far been fine with us carrying in box cutters.

The Public Works Protection Act Used
"The Public Works Protection Act" which gained notoriety during the G8/G20, has been consistently implemented in courts where George and other Truthers and Rights activists gather. Under this Act, according to police, people can be subjected to searches and locked up for no reason and denied their inalienable rights.
You had better start exercising your rights!... but I know what you're thinking...."sure, then the police beat you up, cuff you and throw your ass in jail." Well, that is sadly the case in Canada, so we have to be thankful to those who take the hit for public awareness of Truth. Thanks George.
George had better win the prize at this year's Truther Banquet.

Bill of Rights
Has anyone read the Canadian Bill of Rights lately? The "innocent till proven guilty" clause?
According to Part 1, 2.(f), "no law of Canada can be construed or applied so as to deprive a person charged with a criminal offense of the right to be presumed innocent until proved guilty..."
(makes me recall the Nurse Susan Nelles story - today many believe she killed babies in the '80s).

What to Expect when making an audio recording for George:
At the building entrance, there will be minimum two Owen Sound Police, a male and a female, who will ask you what you are doing in this public building. If you say you are here to support George Hugh, you will be searched and your bag will be searched, and they will hold metal detection wands over you which will beep when in proximity of electronic devices or metal items like a heart defibrillator, a pacemaker, a belt buckle, a false knee or a skull plate.
If you have left from a previous night, anything really embarrassing in your bag, you might want to leave it in just to get a laugh.
You will be searched and wanded again by another two or three of Owen Sound's finest as you enter the court room.
You will be asked to remove hats & any glasses sitting on top of your head.
Theses could interfere with the images the court is recording of you for your own protection.
If any recording device is detected by them, it will have its batteries removed.
Don't forget - it is your right to record unobtrusively which means make sure nobody sees you. You MUST read these prior to helping, please make prints:
 1. It is your right in Ontario to record your own court hearing.
 2. Section 136 (2) and (3) of the Ontario Courts of Justice Act.
 3. Chief Justice of Ontario Howland 's Ruling on Recording in the Courts, 1989: "Subject to any order made by the presiding judge as to non-publication of court proceedings, and to the right of the presiding judge to give such directions from time to time as he or she may see fit as to the manner in which an audio recording may be made at a court hearing pursuant to s. 146 [now s. 136] of the Courts of Justice Act, the unobtrusive use of a recording device from the body of the courtroom by a solicitor, a party acting in person, or a journalist for the sole purpose of supplementing or replacing handwritten notes may be considered as being approved without an oral or written application to the presiding judge."
- Chief Justice of Ontario W.G.C. Howland Source:

PUBLIC NOTICE: Supporting Documents on Recording your Own Court Case

Join Us
We'll see you this Monday at 9:30am.
Please bring audio recorders, and video and still cameras along for shooting and interviewing outside the building.

Google Map: The Owen Sound “Superior Court of Justice”


Bail Denied for Farmer George Hugh in "Synagogue of Satan"

Monday, July 11, 2011

Bail Denied for Farmer George Hugh in "Synagogue of Satan"

Above: Police wagon (left) delivers George to the Owen Sound Court as Supporters and Law Students yell "Free Farmer George" on Thursday July 7 2011.

At the Bothwell Manor on Hwy 26, what was a tilled garden with newly planted vegetables just a few months ago is now overgrown with weeds.
George has not been able to work on the farm since April 26.
Nor have his sons been as efficient as usual as they are left to deal with trying to piece back together a broken family amongst a court system which has been battling George for decades.
(Controversial issues with George include the Land Patent Grant Copy issuers in Peterborough Ontario and the Constable Lisa McGinnis alleged perjury over the Farm Tractor Traffic Stop incident of 2009, not to mention numerous other heroic stands spanning over the last three decades.)
This 63 year old farmer should be planting seeds to grow some nice organic healthy food for us locals.
Instead, his hair and beard continue to grow longer and whiter and he is withering away to a skeleton in a 4'x4' hole in the Walkerton Jail after being accused of Assault with a Weapon by the woman he refers to as "my lovely wife of 39 years, mother to our 8 children".

George Misses the Bus
First of all, at about 9am, we heard George was not on the morning court bus.
Right away, his paralegal Jane Scharf was calling the prison and the court, pointing out their error as there was a court order on file for this appearance. The bus turned around and picked him up.
(She had also spent half a day prior to this trying to get him out of the Walkerton Jail and transported to the Owen Sound Jail for this appearance.)

Audio Recording
We once again presented Section 136 (2) and (3) of the Ontario Courts of Justice Act to the security police guarding the courtroom. (there were two at the lobby and two at the court door, with more inside the courtroom. We also showed them a copy of W.G. Howland's ruling.
It is your right in Ontario to record your own court hearing.
George's rights were violated. He wants his recording.
It is also your right as press to supplement your notes with an unobtrusive audio recorder.
My rights as a journalist were also violated, as well as the other journalists.
I made lots of notes, but they would be much more accurate and complete if I could supplement with an audio recording like the court does.
When we showed this documentation to the two policemen guarding the courtroom, they were quite surprised and had no idea we had these rights - they were just following orders. They stopped short of letting us take in recorders though.
They said they could not act just on the photocopies we presented.
"Will this information prompt you to investigate whether you have been asked to follow unlawful orders?" we asked. No comment.

Documents from Canada Court Watch: www.canadacourtwatch.com 
Brochure – Audio Recording Is Your Right In Ontario: http://canadacourtwatch.com/Brochures/Brochure-TapeRecordingIsYourRightInOntario.pdf 
Article – Recording Your Own Court Hearing:


Chief Justice of Ontario Howland 's Ruling on Recording in the Courts, 1989: "Subject to any order made by the presiding judge as to non-publication of court proceedings, and to the right of the presiding judge to give such directions from time to time as he or she may see fit as to the manner in which an audio recording may be made at a court hearing pursuant to s. 146 [now s. 136] of the Courts of Justice Act, the unobtrusive use of a recording device from the body of the courtroom by a solicitor, a party acting in person, or a journalist for the sole purpose of supplementing or replacing handwritten notes may be considered as being approved without an oral or written application to the presiding judge."
- Chief Justice of Ontario W.G.C. Howland Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/William_Goldwin_Carrington_Howland

Hearing Delayed till 3:300
George finally got his appearance at 3:30pm.
The judge was abrupt and dangled a carrot - he stated to George that if we couldn't get over this bail hearing before 5 pm, it wasn't going to happen, and George would have to stay in jail till his trial date on July 25.
George was forced to cut his list of those who wanted to be his surety to two from seven as there was no time for all of them to be examined.
Son Justin Bothwell and paralegal Jane Scharf from Ottawa were the two potential sureties George selected.
The judge also said he was refusing to hear any charter issues on this day.

Also, the judge told George he had to speak for himself, without use of any agents like Justin or his paralegal. (which was not even applicable because Jane was NOT an agent, but a Co-counsel.)
He cited Criminal Code Section 802.(1). Limitation on the use of agents.
Funny... I also notice Section 802.(1) states "unless the defendant is a corporation". Well, if the defendant is BOTHWELL, GEORGE HUGH (the PERSON that has been charged), then BOTHWELL is a CORPORATION and is therefore entitled to use of an agent. Right?
Canadian Criminal Code (PDF file): http://laws.justice.gc.ca/PDF/N/C-46.pdf 

George Hugh Speaks
So George was on his own. His paralegal handed him a binder.
He had no time to review it; rather he went to the Bible, quoting God's words on lawyers and the court staff:

Matthew 23:13-15
But woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye shut up the kingdom of heaven against men: for ye neither go in yourselves, neither suffer ye them that are entering to go in. 14 Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye devour widows’ houses, and for a pretence make long prayer: therefore ye shall receive the greater damnation. 15 Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye compass sea and land to make one proselyte, and when he is made, ye make him twofold more the child of hell than yourselves. .
Luke 11: 52
Woe unto you, lawyers! for ye have taken away the key of knowledge: ye entered not in yourselves, and them that were entering in ye hindered

Judge Tries to Gain Jurisdiction over George
"Tell me...Do you recognise the authority of the court?" asked the judge to George.
George stated in no uncertain terms, that he was "George Hugh" and
"I will not:
 • cross the bar
 • get a lawyer or
 • personate BOTHWELL"
(this is the “Recipe For Giving Court Jurisdiction Over You” -http://www.wethepeoplepress.ca/georgehughvideo/RECIPE_FOR_GIVING_COURT_JURISDICTION_OVER_YOU.htm )
"I do not believe I have to be forced into your jurisdiction."
It is a fact that any contract must have consent (and full disclosure).
George does not wish to contract with the court.
It can't be forced upon him.

Almost a Brawl?
At one point, we were ordered out of the courtroom so George could consult with Justin.
As we all stood up, a man in a suit known as 'Greg Byers' (City Police case worker) got tough with George as George tried to talk.
"Do you have a problem with me?" snapped Mr. Byers as he made a forward move at George.
I was not expecting a brawl to break out but I think if George could have gotten out of that prisoners box, he would have given this 40-ish fellow a run for his money.
This is the same cop that George claims beat him up on Nov 30 2009 in the court house, along with Robert Morrison and Robert Hawkins under instruction of Judge Thompson.
Also, one of George's new supporters, wearing a "No Consent No Jurisdiction, I am not that LEGAL FICTION" T-shirt, claimed he was injured by a "Special Constable" when pushed to leave.

Synagogue of Satan, Pagan Theatre
The fellow acting for the Crown, Michael Martin, referred to some specially selected lines from an old court transcript (the Farm Tractor Traffic Stop) where George called the court a "Synagogue of Satan", and a "Pagan Theatre" amongst other things.
Michael, (or Mr. MARTIN), claimed George could not be trusted, even as far away as a seven hour journey from Ottawa, from coming after Azelda.
Fact is, George has a perfect track record for following all court orders and dates, and there have been many.

Oaths in Court Scarcer Than Pieces of 9-11 Evidence
There was some discussion about who is "acting" for whom in this court.
Who is acting for HER MAJESTY THE QUEEN? (Notice the uppercase)
Who is acting for the CORPORATION OF CANADA?
The judge said the federal government appointed him.
When George asked the judge about his oath he answered,
"I am not under any oath...YOU are!" to George.
Huh? No oath? What about accountability?
What about the judge in Birkenhead UK who was arrested a few months ago for not giving an oath?
When comments arose about some kind of movement George was participating in, George said that we are all of a movement under Yahweh. (God's name is Yahweh).

The Truth, The Whole Truth, and Nothing But The Truth
George made a wonderful speech at the end, which prompted clapping from the audience and tears to eyes. (This prompted security police to attempt to remove her from the court).
George said Martin was attempting to use family discourse to punish George for his political and religious views in court.
George said wants the court to "get to the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth".

Organic Milk Farmer Michael Schmidt Refused Entry to Court
Michael Schmidt came to see George's show.
He was refused entry after not submitting to a search.
Everyone coming to see the show was body searched with a wand and had their bags searched for audio recorders (box cutters were OK though).
Apparently, the Owen Sound Court implements the Public Works Protection Act for all George's shows.
Could a bunch of Bible-following Truthers with audio recorders (witnesses) be that much of a threat to the court?
When the Judge called a fifteen-minute recess just prior to releasing his decision on Bail,
a handful of the audience members went out for some fresh air.
They got locked out - disallowed re-entry into the court building by court policeman.
They were unable to witness the judge's ruling.
Is this not a public building where witnesses are welcome while court is in session?
About Michael Schmidt: http://thebovine.wordpress.com/the-michael-schmidt-story 

Coming Up
George Hugh's legal team is appealing his bail hearing in Toronto at Osgoode Hall, but only if they receive the transcripts in time from the Owen Sound Superior Court.
Since there have already been delays of almost two months to get George his transcripts, hope looks dim, but who knows...maybe they have some help in the background!

As it Stands
George remains in custody...the Owen Sound Jail for now.
He had been in “The Hole” in Walkerton Jail since July 1st, for quoting scripture – I am not kidding you…it was not for anything else.
Please watch for a date in Toronto, we'll announce it here.
And mark Monday July 25 on your calendar to attend his trial in Owen Sound.

Thanks for Paying Attention!
Please circulate to any law students, police and politicians in your family, ask them if they know how a man can be imprisoned so long without evidence or being proven guilty of anything, for what is appearing to be nothing more than a spousal spat gone sour, and quick errors in judgement, that are not easily reversible, and continue to snowball.
There must be more to it than that.

!!! JUST IN !!!
July 6th Interview about George’s Case with Jane Scharf and Raymond Geisler on
The UnBossed Radio Show
Jane is a Paralegal and Political Rights Activist in Ottawa

Canadian Patriot Held in Jail by criminal Government seeking revenge George Hugh (Owen Sound, Ontario, CANADA)

Tuesday, July-05-11
Please watch this video just made today by Former Lawyer John Gorman. He says "Support Farmer George Hugh" and free him from being held unlawfully captive - Thursday morning at 9:30 Owen Sound Superior Court.
John & George are Co-Founders of The Canadian Farmers Survival Association.
Source: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t5Q4b8s9BEE



Police Revisit Farmer George Hugh’s Farm after Azelda Bothwell’s Calls (Owen Sound, Ontario, CANADA)

Tuesday, July-05-11
BLOG LINK: http://www.wethepeoplepress.ca/blog/2011/07/05/police-revisit-farmer-george-hughs-farm-after-azelda-bothwells-calls
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/note.php?created&&note_id=217751841596565

Yesterday, police were called twice to the family farm on Hwy 26 in Owen Sound Ontario.
The calls were made by Farmer George Hugh's wife, Azelda, during a family disagreement.
No charges were laid this time.

Officer Lisa McGinnis was the first to respond.
She is well known for her involvement in cases against George.
Officer Lisa McGinnis is the star officer in this April 2011 Assault with Weapon.
You may also remember her from the Sept 2009 Farm Tractor Charges.
Please watch footage of the incident as recorded by Azelda Bothwell, which was disallowed in court:
Concerns have been voiced by some, claiming that the involvement of Officer Lisa McGinnis in any of George's cases is inappropriate considering she is currently involved in an appeal with George, where there are allegations of perjury against her.

Meanwhile back at the courthouse yesterday, crown attorney Michael Martin said publicly that George's mental health, which was being questioned by the Judge in Court last Thursday is NOT in question, that this is NOT a mental health issue, rather it is a political issue.
The Judge said he had read all of George's transcripts and found George to be incoherent and questioned his mental capabilities.

Funny...we, Steve and Wenda, and many of George's supporters knew exactly what George was saying in ALL the transcripts. Everything is in the law dictionary...personation of the NAME...person vs PERSON. , (fact is. the definition of person was changed in 1861 by US congress { Season of Treason Full http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2LxY_H5V0Kw}) ... the person as a corporation ... de jure... de facto... FICTION
Also, documentation showing Proper Use of Name was notarized and placed into George's court file yesterday.

And meanwhile, George Hugh remains in jail. On July 1st, George was placed for his own protection in the hole (solitary confinement) in the Walkerton Jail. He is still there. Apparently, it was "Atheist Day" in the prison and he was overheard quoting Matthew 23:15:
"Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye compass sea and land to make one proselyte, and when he is made, ye make him twofold more the child of hell than yourselves."

A recent visitor to the prison said last week that George looked like he has lost 30 pounds. Concerns about George's health continue to pour in.

George appears again on Thursday, July 7, 2011, 9:30am till whenever he gets released, so please come out and meet us at the Owen Sound Court!
Given George’s national reputation as an Activist (Farmer George & John Gorman are the co-Founder of the Canadian farmer Survival Association) who saved farmers in the 1980s with penny auctions, there are many who will be there to support him.

Google Map: The Owen Sound “Superior Court of Justice”

1999 - Wendy Mesley interviews George Hugh on CBC "Undercurrents"
RE: Photo-ID Scam & Biometrics

‎1985 - Farmer George gets some attention with a tractor on Yonge Street as he called public attention to the high interest rate scam which caused the loss of many farms.


Farmer George Hugh Considers Multi-Million Dollar Lawsuit (Owen Sound, Ontario, CANADA)

JUNE 27, 2011

Organic Farmer George Hugh, has languished in jail for over two months, not having been convicted of a crime because the “POLICE STATE” is fully in control in Owen Sound, Ontario. Do you think that you are free?

On one evening in late April, 2011, a family man, Farmer George Hugh of Owen Sound, Ontario, had heated words with his wife of thirty nine years in their home on the farm, having had eight children over their lifetime. Regretfully, George’s wife, Azelda, became very frightened, and called 911 - the local Ontario Provincial Police Station, and six squad cars showed up at the farm on Highway 26, for a period of about 3 hours. P.C. Lisa McGinnis was in the kitchen with Azelda, asking very pointed questions just after George was taken away in cuffs. They arrested George Hugh, and threw him into the “slammer”, where George Hugh has been incarcerated without having been convicted of any crime.

Obviously, there is much more to this story than a domestic dispute between a husband and a wife. George Hugh probably knows more law than most lawyers, both the laws of God and the laws of man. Since the days of founding the CANADIAN FARMERS’ SURVIVAL ASSOCIATION in 1981 to expose the outlandish crimes of the central banking system (interest rates in 1981 were at a record high of 21.5%), George Hugh has been instrumental and very outspoken in regards the loss of our guaranteed Rights and Freedoms as Canadian citizens as enumerated in the Constitution of Canada.

As recently as last November, 2010, the same O.P.P. Officer that has arrested George Hugh on April 26, 2011, namely P.C. Lisa McGinnis, of Sydenham OPP Detachment, had arrested George Hugh on other trumped up malicious charges of a traffic violation in Grey County, and again George Hugh at that time was incarcerated for weeks without a bail hearing and without a trial, and the charges were withdrawn eventually without a trial. With that arrest and incarceration, and now in jail for two months in Walkerton [and other facilities as far away as London, ON], George Hugh has been speaking to Counsel in regards to a multi-million dollar civil lawsuit for damages.

George Hugh will be brought into the Owen Sound Criminal Court on Wednesday, June 29, or Thursday, June 30, 2011, with the counsel of a “pro bono” Paralegal from Ottawa, Ontario, namely Jane Scharf, and with any luck, he will be “FREED FROM JAIL” by CANADA DAY, 2011, and he can go back to farming with his boys to make a living.

George Hugh needs the help of all patriotic Canadians this week. He has stood the test of time, fighting for the freedoms of all Canadians over the last thirty years or more, and now it is time for us to say thank you to George Hugh, we will “stand on guard” for you this week

All patriotic Canadians that believe that we live in a state of martial law today are invited to come to the Criminal Court of Owen Sound, Ontario, and be there for George Hugh, and bring your tent on Wednesday, June 29, 2011, and be prepared to hold a vigil for the release of a wrongly incarcerated Farmer George Hugh. Just think, YOU may be next to being falsely intimidated and incarcerated by the Ontario Provincial Police in Grey and Bruce County.

This Release is issued by a friend of George Hugh, and Co-Founder of the Canadian Farmers’ Survival Association, namely John P. Gorman, B.A., LL.B., of Vancouver, B.C., formerly known as “The Spirit of Canada” and now known as “Captain Canada”.

Visit his website at: www.CAPtainCanadaCrusades.ca 
More on George at: www.wethepeoplepress.ca/georgehughvideo 
Also please check out www.WeThePeoplePRESS.ca/blog 
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=122594654492494 

2011.04.27: http://www.wethepeoplepress.ca/georgehugh/pdf/REGINAvGeorgesHugh27april2011.pdf   

2011.04.28: http://www.wethepeoplepress.ca/georgehugh/pdf/REGINAvGeorgesHugh28april2011.pdf  

2011.05.02: http://www.wethepeoplepress.ca/georgehugh/pdf/REGINAvGeorgesHugh2May2011.pdf 

2011.05.05: http://www.wethepeoplepress.ca/georgehugh/pdf/20110505-BRorester-Leger-George-Wenda-Steve.pdf 

https://www.facebook.com/note.php?note_id=214775388560877 (Facebook)
http://www.wethepeoplepress.ca/pressreleases/FOR-IMMEDIATE-RELEASE-June272011-GeorgeHugh.doc (Non Facebook)

George and John Gorman were the principal founders of the Canadian Farmers Survival Association in 1981:

Perjury in Owen Sound: