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Monday, September-12-11

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Man's Life in Danger due to Confusion in Owen Sound Provincial Court and Justice Bruce Frazer

Brief History:
On April 26 2011, George Hugh was arrested at his home after his wife called 9/11 during an argument over a paperback.
He was charged with Assault with Weapon and imprisoned.
His accuser, his wife of 39 years, has since claimed under oath that he hit her with it lightly, and is not even sure if it was with any intent.
She has given contradictory statements and has filed for divorce.
She says she has no safety concerns, as she has set up living arrangements for herself and for him in suitable separate locations.
George has since had dozens of appearances in Owen Sound Provincial Court.
His health has been deteriorating.

George is being held because Justice Bruce Frazer "doubts he will sign a Recognizance as BOTHWELL , GEORGE", the fiction name.
Both George and the court are aware that BOTHWELL is a fiction by definition in Law dictionaries.
The court also knows George's history and knows quite well that he will not personate the fiction, so he is being held just to be tortured in prison until he succumbs to this, which he will never do.
And since we have stayed in close phone contact with him, we know that the conditions are worse than you would treat a dog.

It is obvious that there is an error being made at the Owen Sound Provincial Court, under the care of Justice Bruce Frazer.
George should not have been detained in the first place and we strongly suggest that you release him right away to the sureties or in what ever way you see fit, and let him get on with preparing for his trial and his divorce proceedings.
We believe that Justice Bruce Frazer and the Crown in Owen sound are under your direction, and if you cannot release him right away, we expect you to provide a new judge in another location, competent to act with the law.

Please reply as soon as possible as to how you will be dealing with this.

Supporting documents attached:
Wife's letter agreeing to his release

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Wenda                           Steve

Also sent through website:

V. Azelda Bothwell  To Whom This May Concern: This letter is advise the Court that if George Bothwell is granted bail on Tuesday, August 23, 2011 that I have no objection to his being the sole tenant of Justin Bothwell at the Keeling Farm, provided that he respects the order already in existance regarding keeping a distance of 500M.

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